Mig 15 EPP (ARF)

All photos and images are intended as samples only.
Covering, materials, colours & fittings may differ slightly on actual models.


KIT: ARF (Almost Ready to Fly)  – no radio electronics (?)

Material: EPP (?)

Pilot Skill Level: beginner – Advanced

Wingspan: 900mm

Fuselage: 730mm

Weight: 120 grams ( no RC gear ). Flying weight between 200 -230 grams

Wind Range:   5-20 km/h

MSRP: R795


Full Size Plane Wiki



Hand made from the best imported white EPP foam for durability , easy to fix with normal CA instant (super) glue or reinforce with thin carbon strips, also safe to use with epoxy and hot glue (
All servo holes are pre cut , also the cockpit area for battery and receiver.
Various “non scale” colour schemes available.
There’s no filament tape or covering with this model.


  • Pre-joined wing with built-in spar and ailerons fitted.
  • Horizontal stabilizer with pre-cut elevator
  • Vertical fin (no rudder).
  • Fuselage
  • Linkage hardware: pushrods, clevises and horns

Required to Complete:

  • 2+ Channel Transmitter (roll and pitch) and compatible receiver.
  • 4-6 Volt rechargeable battery pack ( 30-50 grams is ideal) and a compatible Battery Charger
  • three  9 gram Servos (and an optional Y lead depending on your radio setup)


Covering the model with thin iron on lamination film will reduce drag with hardly any weight increase (for more speed).Brushless park size motor, esc and lipo battery can be added to “power the model”
Some tapes do not stick well to epp.
5 min epoxy glue is recommended to attach the wing to the fuselage.